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A well-presented research report demonstrating excellent usage of English language stands a greater chance of being accepted by the University or publication. Although achieving the expected standards can be challenging, especially for non-native speakers, by screening your research report and refining it, you can get your report accepted in one shot.

There is no iota of doubt that editing process is tedious, but it is a rewarding task as well. To refine the research report one should have adequate knowledge about:

  • English language grammar rules
  • Formatting styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.
  • Word choice (non-academic as well as academic)
  • Specific guidelines set by University or high-impact journals

We, at Regent Editing, understand the importance of flawless research report and hence aim at providing second to none editing services to help scholars lighten the burden of achieving a perfect research report.

  • Check for language errors Our experts will screen your research report and look for errors in word choice or vocabulary.
  • Plagiarism removalTo ensure that your report is original, we conduct a plagiarism check and remove all the plagiarised content while retaining the meaning of the concept.
  • Check for consistencyWe check for consistency in content, numbers, figures, etc.
  • Elimination of grammatical errorsThe editors will remove every single punctuation, grammatical, spacing, etc. errors.
  • Evaluation of layoutWe check for headings, sub-headings, section organisations and overall structure of the report.
  • Citation & reference checkEditors will ensure that appropriate citation style is implemented throughout the report.

Our editors are native English speakers and have extensive experience in editing research reports of all domains. We assure you that only subject-matter experts from the same field as you will work on your report. Avail help from professionals, get rid of sloppy errors and obtain an easy approval from your University.

For more details about our service, write to us at info@regentediting.cn.