ESL Editing Service

Conveying research ideas/thoughts in a compelling & convincing manner in your thesis or dissertation is often regarded as an arduous task. If you are an ESL student, the writing process demands a considerable amount of investment of time & effort, yet producing flawed outcomes. This is when the editing process comes to picture. Although ESL editing process helps you overcome the language barriers, looking for the errors, especially when you aren’t proficient with the native language can be painful.

For instance,

  • Determine the type of errors (article error or verb tense error) 
  • Checking for parallelism in the sentences
  • Inclusion of appropriate scientific/technical terms while maintaining the meaning & clarity of the content
  • Identifying and fixing grammatical, punctuation and syntax errors 

As a scholar, you would want your research paper to be judged for its results, critical ideas and remarkable conclusions, not for the English language errors in it. But when you ought to translate a lengthy document from your native language to English, these are bound to occur.

Availing help from professional ESL editors having an eye for detail and meeting the University or publication standards is a wise decision. Regardless of the complexity of the subject, our native language editors will edit your research paper for:

  • All kinds of punctuation, grammar, etc. errors
  • Sentences for organisation, clarity and concise
  • Word choice & tone
  • Vocabulary and quality of content

Our editors are knowledgeable about technical terms (as they are subject-matter experts) giving them the potential to ensure the apt inclusion of such words and maintain the meaning of content. Further, we may also provide constructive feedback to help you improve your writing. Get a helping hand from qualified ESL editors, improve your writing and pave the way for academic excellence.

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